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The AneVivo method

What is AneVivo?

An innovative AneVivo method offers a unique more natural approach to ART by allowing fertilization and very early embryo development to occur in the mother’s womb. The embryos start their life, in the adapted and optimal conditions of the maternal environment that naturally sustain the pre-implantation embryo development. The parents take an active part in the first phases of the development of life.

The origins of the AneVivo method

The Anevivo method was developed by Anecova in collaboration with one of the world’s few specialized laboratories with high-level expertise in the subject at the EPFL Lausanne in Switzerland. The device is produced with exceptional craftsmanship and assembled by hand in state-of-the-art facilities in Switzerland.

The AneVivo device was approved in the UK by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and the local Competent Authorities for its use in clinical practice for the treatment of infertility in Poland, Spain, Denmark and Czech Republic.

More information about the method

AneVivo is a real breakthrough in IVF treatment as it enables women be involved in its earliest stages of development for the first time. The device has a porous capsule that has been specifically developed to carry the reproductive cells together in to the womb for fertilisation and very early embryo development. This environment “in vivo” rather than “in vitro”, could also permit transmission of the parental epigenetic environment and enables the embryo to condition the Mother’s womb for the embryo implantation process.


  • This assisted reproduction treatment is the closest to natural conditions and also reduces to a minimum the time of the embryo outside the mother’s body.
  • AneVivo’s innovation allows women to actively participate to fertilisation.
  • AneVivo allows free passage of fluids, nutrients, endometrial cells and other cellular and non-cellular components to enable interaction between the embryos and the maternal environment.
  • The presence of the embryo in the maternal environment during fertilisation could have a positive influence on endometrium, due to “in vivo” condition.
  • Combined with a “no stimulation treatment”, AneVivo Natural Cycle, frozen embryos can be avoided.
  • With low/no stimulation, the produced oocytes as well as the endometrial lining are generally believed to be of better quality than with conventional stimulation.
  • The risk of OHSS is greatly diminished with AneVivo Mild, and entirely removed with AneVivo Natural Cycle. The physical burden for the woman is minimized in both cases.

Treatments Options:

AneVivo Natural Fertilisation can be used with other approaches to bring the treatment even closer to nature and better suited for you:

  • AneVivo Natural Fertilisation
    Fertilisation and very early development in vivo.
  • AneVivo Natural Cycle
    The patient follows her own cycle, with no use of stimulation, and each month comes for a pick up. After a small number of oocytes have been collected, for example 3, the patient can have the AneVivo procedure. This combination not only allows the fertilisation and early development to happen in the mother’s womb without stimulation, but also avoids freezing any embryos.
  • AneVivo Mild
    It aims to collect 4 to 7 oocytes with a short protocol using low dose of stimulation drugs. This stimulation procedure limit possible health issues and reduce the burden of daily drug injections.
  • AneVivo + Egg Donation
    In combination with AneVivo, patients can play an active role from the start. The porosity of AneVivo’s capsule allows the embryo’s fertilisation and early development to occur “in vivo” in the mother’s womb, allowing potential crosstalk between the uterine cavity and the embryo.

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More about the AneVivo method

AneVivo certificates

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